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Medusa the Goddess

Medusa the Goddess

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Medusa the Goddess - Original Mixed media painting on canvas

From the Greek Médouca (Medousa), which was derived from Méow (medo) meaning "to protect, to rule over". In Greek myth this was the name of one of the three Gorgons, women who had snakes for hair. She was so monstrous that anyone who gazed upon her was turned to stone, so the hero Perseus had to look using the reflection in his shield in order to slay her.

However, Medusa is a powerful feminine symbol, with control over the natural cycle and in harmony with the worlds of earth and sky. As such she posed a great threat to the power of the Greek male-dominated sky gods.
In order to subjugate Medusa's power to the male order, she is decapitated, and her head is used to further buttress the dominion of the male over the destructive and wily female.

This one of a kind beautiful painting of Medusa is on a 12 by 12 canvas. Hand painted using different mediums and techniques.

Comes with certificate of authenticity

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Watercolor, Paper


9 x 12 inches

Care information

Keep out of direct sunlight.

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